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Linen Breeze Yarn
Remarkable quality, interesting composition, light, pleasant and bulky Linen Breeze yarn is perfect ..
Fiber content 70% aicrileach, 20% olann, 10% línéadach
Yarn Weight 3 DK-Double Knitting - Light Worsted
Linen Exclusive Yarn
Linen Exclusive yarn is an excellent off-season yarn of complex, interesting composition. It consist..
Fiber content 60% línéadach, 15% polaimíd, 15% vioscós, 10% dralon
Yarn Weight 2 Fine - Sport
Linen Style Yarn
Summer classical Linen Style yarn is a smooth, soft, flexible band fiber which slides easily on the ..
Fiber content 50% línéadach, 50% vioscós
Yarn Weight 2 Fine - Sport
Western Dream
Western Dream yarn is a real catch for those who love comfortable, beautiful and stylish clothes for..
Fiber content 53% cadás, 47% línéadach
Yarn Weight 4 Medium - Aran - Afghan - Worsted

Linen yarn is characterized by the following excellent qualities: strength, extraordinary smoothness, compactness, lack of fluffy piles, hygiene, wear resistance, porosity, air and heat conductivity, not electrifiable.

Natural, safe, ecological materials become more relevant in our time. All kinds of plant fibers, including nettle, hemp, jute are widely used. But the most popular fibers for the production of yarn still remain cotton and linen. Unlike cotton, linen yarn hit the stores recently, but that did not preclude it from capturing the headlines and becoming popular. This yarn is willingly used by not only experienced needlewomen for knitting of clothes and interior items, but also by well-known designers for collections of fashionable casual and festive clothing.

Linen perfectly absorbs and evaporates the moisture, creates the effect of coolness in the hot time, it is antibacterial, noted for noble matt shine. It contains silicon, which retains the decay process; besides that linen has healing properties: reduces inflammation, lowers the temperature, manages the bacteria number.

Previously, with the closed structure of the fiber, linen could not be easily dyed, but in the modern world the dyeing of linen with all possible colors became possible. Natural colors of undyed linen are also quite diverse.

Linen yarn can vary in structure, composition, thickness and twist. Thin, natural linen yarn is perfect for creating a light summer clothes. It will protect much better than wool or cotton from the summer heat, perfectly absorbs and evaporates moisture. Lightweight and popular tunics, sundresses, skirts, dresses, shirts, tops, jackets, boleros will become beautiful and trendy addition for your summer wardrobe. A variety of stylish and unique models will refresh your interior: tablecloths, napkins, light curtains, panels, original decorations.

The yarn of average thickness will suit for knitting of clothes for all seasons. Natural linen yarn better looks in openwork and smooth canvas that you can knit or crochet, avoiding rib and dense weaves.

Mixed yarn with the addition of other types of fiber makes linen yarn light, soft and elastic while maintaining its natural properties. This allows using of yarn containing linen by knitting of children clothes and for adults with allergic reactions.

Clothes made of linen yarn  becomes less dirty, it is not subject to pilling, it is noted for high tenacity, does not shrink, wears less out, is cool in the summer heat and warm in the cold.

Care requirements for linen products are listed on each label. These requirements should be followed in order to preserve the product for as long as possible.

But there are general requirements for linen products. Linen yarns that are not dyed can bear washing in hot water, ironing, oxygen bleaches. But dyed linen is not allowed to be bleached. It can result in loosing the way it looks. To preserve the color you can add a little vinegar while rinsing.

After washing the product can shrink a little, so before calculating you better wash and dry the sample and only after that determine the number of loops.

If you are interested in excellent properties of natural linen thread, you will find the yarn of interesting composition and democratic prices in our store!


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